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Hon Thom Cable Car Ticket

Phu Quoc is known as a beach tourism paradise with many beautiful scenes favored by nature, pristine white sand beaches, cool climate of the tropics. Phu Quoc also has timeless works, especially Hon Thom Cable Car complex, which is recognized as the world’s longest 3-second sea-crossing cable car.

With a length of up to 7,8999 km on the sea surface through the islands to Hon Thom, visitors will have great experiences for their travel. Visitors will discover the mysterious South Pearl Island, with majestic nature, beautiful scenery, airy at an ideal height.

What is the price of Hon Thom cable car ticket?

1. Hon Thom cable car ticket price list

Valid from February 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022

Ticket type List price  Special price
Adults  Children Adults  Children
Hon Thom 1 way ticket

(One way cable car + Water park + Theme park)

442.000 VNĐ  295.000 VNĐ Contact Contact
Hon Thom 2-way ticket

(Two way cable car + Water park + Theme park)

540.000 VNĐ 393.000 VNĐ Contact Contact
One-way All In One Combo Ticket

(One way cable car + Water park + Theme park + Buffet)

639.000 VNĐ 393.000 VNĐ Contact Contact
2-way All In One Combo Ticket

(Two way cable car + Water park + Theme park + Buffet)

770.000 VNĐ 520.000 VNĐ Contact Contact

  • Offer price is subject to change without prior notice
  • Customers under 1m tall: Free
  • Customers from 1m – 1m4 tall: Child ticket
  • Customers from 1m4 and above: Adult ticket

Pre-booking rules:

  • Booking All In One Combo tickets 1-2 pm booked at 16:00 of the previous day, that is, 1 day before, before using the service
  • Minimum 5 tickets
  • Must pay 30% of the reservation in advance
  • Ticket expiry date is only used for the day, so tickets will not be refunded, exchanged or canceled

Contact us now for a discounted ticket price. Hotline: 0702 900 911

Buy Hon Thom cable car tickets and enjoy interesting experiences at Hon Thom paradise island

What does Hon Thom have to offer tourists?

  • Capture all the land of Phu Quoc in sight, enjoy an exciting trip in the air between the vast sky and earth, this will definitely be a 1-0-2 experience when you step into the cabin on a journey of about 20 minutes. minutes is 7899m long.
  • The world’s longest sea-crossing cable car route will take you to the beautiful paradise island of Hon Thom (Sun World). With an area of ​​5.7 square kilometers, Hon Thom is one of the islands with the most beautiful beaches (Bai Trao).
  • This place still retains the wild, charming and poetic landscape, with fine white sand, crystal clear jade water next to the wild old forest.
    Unleash your adventure with thrilling rides with Aquatopia Theme Park and Water Park.

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