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Teambuilding is no longer a distant concept for groups going to Phu Quoc in recent years. Used to be the first unit on Phu Quoc island to organize the Amazing Race program by bicycle when Phu Quoc still lacked many conditions for organization.

With 15 years of experience in organizing countless beach Teambuilding programs, Amazing Race with reasonable costs, Dao Ngoc is confident to create many attractive programs that meet all criteria for your company. when choosing Phu Quoc and Dao Ngoc as the organizing unit.

Let the Team of Ngoc Dao know your desire to organize Teambuilding as well as your budget, Team Dao Ngoc will not let you down.

Why should you organize Teambuilding for your Personal and Business

We choose for small groups young, fun, close-knit activities that encourage connection. Individuals will overcome each small challenge to achieve shared success. Besides, the time spent together in the game also helps colleagues discover more interesting personalities and strengths of each other. From there, the working atmosphere in the future will be more favorable.

Teambuilding for individuals

  • Practice time management
  • Practice caution and patience
  • Improve relationship
  • Promote your own strengths, self-correct and perfect your shortcomings
  • Develop communication and leadership skills

Teambuilding for collectives and businesses

  • Improve team spirit of members
  • Improve work performance
  • Build organizational culture
  • Internal communication of the company

Particularly for leaders, through this activity will discover the personality, capacity and forte of each individual to better manage human resources.

Dao Ngoc Tourist is always committed to providing customers with beautiful spaces with fun but meaningful games so that the Teambuding event brings the most value to each member of the company.

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