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MICE tourism (event tourism, conferences, seminars) is a type of tourism that has appeared for a long time in Vietnam but has not yet met the conditions for development.

However, recently, when our country integrates with the world economy, MICE really “booms” thanks to the attention and selection of foreign partners, because Vietnam is a destination. peace, safety, friendliness and an extremely attractive investment environment. So, how does  MICE tourism in Vietnam  develop? What benefits does it bring to tourists?

Some types of tourism MICE popular today


This is an activity of meeting and exchanging between organizations and individuals in order to cultivate and discuss the problems that need to be solved or to create new products. Potential customers are members of international organizations, suppliers, corporations… Most of them are high-class businessmen, so they are quite picky and make strict requirements. Therefore the service needs to be quality and special.


An activity established by a company, organization or collective to reward and encourage teams and individuals with outstanding work achievements. Expenses will be borne by the company or collective. Guests join not only to attend the meeting but also to have fun and relax with fun and sightseeing sessions.

External meeting

A conference or seminar activity between companies to conduct exchanges on investment, business cooperation, etc.


This is also the strength of MICE tourism. Every year, companies, organizations and businesses often have conferences and seminars with small to large scale, and even international scale to discuss their own opinions to come to a common consensus. These activities are organized before major international and national events and include two types: convention organized by members and bid to hot a convention. The combination of work and relaxation will help outstanding work efficiency.


Related to international fairs and exhibitions, composed of groups of businesses or individual enterprises, to introduce goods and services to target markets and interested audiences, thereby promoting widely disseminated to the public. There are two main types: trade shows and consumer shows.

MICE tourism in Phu Quoc organized by Dao Ngoc Tourist  gets more attention because the cost is quite cheap, but the service is very stable. Combined with Phu Quoc tourism programs, it will bring visitors to beautiful and impressive landscapes, where they can have fun and relax, and have many luxurious spaces to organize meetings and conferences.


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