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Gala diner

On special occasions when organizing large groups to Phu Quoc, your business cannot be without a Gala Dinner. Please contact Ngoc Tourist Island for a Gala Dinner with a variety of content, script and program meaning.

With the mission of bringing great things to our customers, let Ngoc Anh Tourist build that event to become more memorable and meaningful than ever.

Types of Gala Dinners Common in Businesses

Year-end party:

Is a popular type of party with businesses after a year of work. They want to have a luxurious dinner with theatrical activities. Stage games are for the participants to express themselves as well as relax. Through this program, company leaders have special rewards for outstanding employees. Honor those who have made great contributions but are silent behind.

Gala combined with tourism activities:

The form of Gala Dinner combined with tourism activities can be held at a tourist destination with a spacious serving space. Through this trip, businesses can create conditions for relaxation, promote relationships between employees, and get opinions from customers. To strengthen relationships with partners effectively.

Gala Dinner to welcome the new year:

Similar to a year-end party, a New Year’s Eve party is a program held to celebrate the arrival of the new year, to start a new year of peace, luck and development. This is an opportunity for the company to set goals as well as orientations to promote the spirit of the company’s collective in the new year.

Gala Dinner to thank customers, meet:

Instead of organizing a customer appreciation conference, businesses have chosen a Gala Dinner for customers to meet and discuss with businesses and enjoy a reception after the conference. This helps businesses and customers stick together, creating a good impression between the two sides, contributing to strengthening the business brand effectively.

Nhiều hoạt động thú vị cho nhóm vừa.

Nhiều thử thách và trò chơi đội nhóm thú vị sẽ mang đến cho các nhân sự không làm việc trực tiếp với nhau cơ hội được giao lưu, tương tác. Từ đó, sự kiện du lịch kết hợp team building của doanh nghiệp sẽ thực sự giúp gắn kết và mang mỗi cá nhân trong tập thể của mình tiến lại gần nhau hơn. 

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