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Car Rental 16 Seats

Car rental 16 seats in Ngoc Island Phu Quoc

Are you in need of a car rental? You don’t know how much is a reasonable price to rent a car??? Where to rent a car cheap??? So do not ignore the article below to find a high-quality car rental unit at a reasonable price!!

Why Customers Choose Car Rental 16 seats Service of Dao Ngoc Touris

Specializing in providing car rental services for 4-seater, 7-seat, 16-seat, 29-seat, 45-seater. Get contracts for sightseeing tours, airport transfers, competitive prices, Experienced, enthusiastic, fun, safe drivers. quality new car… guaranteed customer satisfaction!

Tu is still free 24/7. Easy booking

24/7 free consultation staff with the motto “customer first”. Especially the easiest way to book a car so that customers can quickly and conveniently in the car rental service

New quality cars from big brands

Committed to providing customers with car rental services with the latest models of cars from 4 seats to 45 seats of famous car brands.

Driver with many years of experience, Safe driving, Fun, Enthusiastic

Drivers are well-trained in service manners, Professional drivers, long experience, polite polite attitude, cheerful and enthusiastic when serving customers.

The most competitive cheap car rental in Phu Quoc

Coming to Ngoc Touris Car Rental Service, you only have to pay a reasonable price to use our great services.

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